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Strenght and Costs

Our Prefab Bulkheads, due to the specialized adhesive, jointing techniques and gypsum board that's used, are a very strong and sturdy product.

Conventional bulkhead building method required extensive grid work and support structures. By using the prefab bulkhead you will need no complicated frame/grid work. Just a few sturdy anchor points can hold your bulkhead in place. This will mean a huge saving on material, labour and installation time. For example we have reduced a job taking 5 days with the conventional method to a 1 day installation

The other important factor is the extremely smooth finish of the raw product. In many cases you will be able to paint the installed product with minor skimming work. This is another big plus and saving on rhino lite, labour cost and time.

Anyone can make the calculation on the saving that will be made when considering the above as well as the quality finish this product will give your installation.

To Design

You can provide us with a detail drawing of the bulkhead profile that you require. We can then produce a sample product and once approved, manufacturing can commence.

Designers and architects can also provide a detail drawing with dimensions etc. to which we can produce the desired bulkhead.

There are endless possibilities and we will work out a workable solution to get the required product.

The application can be for anything from a residential house, kitchen bulkheads or specialized shop ceiling details or Shopping Malls.


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